The San Francisco 49ers and Oakland Raiders square

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The San Francisco 49ers and Oakland Raiders square

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off Thursday evening in a matchup with draft pick implications. We are only halfway through the season [url=]49ers Adrian Colbert Jersey[/url] , so plenty will change, but this will shake up the 2019 NFL Draft order, at least for the short term. The current top five draft order is as follows (record and strength of schedule in parenthesis):1. New York Giants (1-7, .508)2. San Francisco 49ers (1-7, .525)3. Oakland Raiders (1-6, .548)4. Buffalo Bills (2-6, .520)5. Arizona Cardinals (2-6, .546)The 49ers lost to the Cardinals last week, and that bumped San Francisco ahead of Arizona in positioning and in their odds for claiming a high pick. Football Outsiders updated their playoff and draft picks odds, and the 49ers are now atop the list for both No. 1 pick odds and top five pick odds. San Francisco has a 32.9 percent chance at the No. 1 overall pick, and an 81.6 percent chance at a top five pick. The Cardinals dropped to fifth in No. 1 pick odds (13.7 percent), and second in top five odds (74.0 percent).Oakland arrives in Santa Clara with the second best odds for the No. 1 overall at 17.5 percent. Oakland would likely jump just ahead of the 49ers with a loss [url=]Cheap Mike McGlinchey Jersey[/url] , while a 49ers loss would probably bump San Francisco’s odds up over 40 percent, and maybe near 50 percent.We could know a whole lot more about the 49ers draft status in a week and a half after the 49ers have played the Raiders and then Giants. A pair of losses would put the 49ers in prime position for the No. 1 overall pick. On the other hand, if they win both of these games, or at least split them, it will make for a particularly interesting final seven games after the bye week.Just a reminder that there are only two draft order tiebreakers: first is strength of schedule, with weaker getting the higher pick, and second is coin flip at the NFL Combine. The San Francisco 49ers head into Week 8 of the NFL season, which means it’s prediction time once again! The 49ers will have a battle for draft positioning in their away game against the Arizona Cardinals. Given that the Cardinals lone win of the season came against the 49ers, it’s not going to be inspiring to say the least.The predictions will include:1. The first offensive play the 49ers will run/attempt to execute,2. The first player on defense (not special teams) who will make a tackle, and3. How the team’s first touchdown will be scored (if you think one will be scored).Here are the ground rules for the predictions.Offensive Play Prediction Guidelines: Try to be as specific as you can on what you think the 49ers’ first offensive play will be. Don’t just say “pass play” or “run play”. Instead, say “Beathard throws a slant route to Gar莽on for 7 yards” or “Alfred Morris runs right side and picks up three yards.” You can also predict incompletions [url=]Cheap Fred Warner Jersey[/url] , interceptions, fumbles, touchdowns, and even a safety if you really think that will happen on the first offensive play!Defensive Tackle Prediction Guidelines: Predicting the first defensive play is much more obscure, so this one is a simpler category -- project who you think will make the team’s first tackle that does not come on special teams or a returned interception/fumble.First Touchdown Against Arizona: If you do not think the 49ers will score a touchdown, then say “no touchdowns” as your answer. Otherwise, predict how you think the 49ers’ first offensive touchdown will be scored, along with the person(s) who will score. You can predict it to be on offense, defense, or special teams. If you predict a passing touchdown, name both the quarterback and the receiver.Here is the template you can copy+paste for your comments:First Offensive Play: First Defensive Tackle: First Touchdown:Here are my predictions.First Offensive Play: Handoff to Matt Breida who cuts and goes 15 yards down the sidelinesFirst Defensive Tackle: Fred Warner of David JohnsonFirst Touchdown:CJ Beathard 30-yard pass to George Kittle

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